The Sallee Family and Ministry

Distance Education
In the fall of 2000, I attended a meeting of mission representatives in Switzerland to explore the use is DE to train church leaders in the Former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe. Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) hosted the meeting, and is providing the technical and organizational expertise to develop a DE platform that other missions and Christian organizations can use.

Since that meeting, I have been writing distance education (DE) courses and the DE program has expanded into Africa, Asia, and the Carribbean. To accomodate the growth, MAF has created their Learning Technology website with more complete information aobut the DE program.

I have created three DE courses--each focussing on a theological analogy which I find resonates with "non-Western" audiences. The courses are:
  • The Mystery of Marriage - English
  • The Steward -¬†English and Russian
  • The Christian Family - English and French
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