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Omega Course
While working in Russia, we found that translated Western church planting materials lacked the cultural adaptation necessary to be effective in the Former Soviet Union (FSU). When Peter Deyneka Russian Ministries and the Alliance for Saturation Church Planting combined their resources to write something more appropriate, I joined the effort. Several years later, we completed the Omega Course.

The Omega Course is designed to offer practical advice on how to plant churches in a non-Western environment. It has been successful far beyond our original hopes and is now being used far beyond the FSU. To date, the Omega Course has been translated in to over 30 languages and is being used to train national church planters around the world. The Essential Vision booklet gives an introductory overview of the reason for church planting.

Because of the expanding use of the Omega Course, we have begun two other projects:
  1. The Delta Course - a cross-cultural supplement for national church planters who are ministering to people groups, languages, and cultures other than their own.
  2. Omega Course PDF's - I am converting the various translations to searchable, bookmarked Adobe Acrobat files and making them available online (some languages will only display properly if you have the appropriate language support enabled on your computer). If they were interested, two-thirds of the world's population could find a version in the language they speak on this page.  Completed samples are listed below:

Additional resources for Omega and other church-planting materials:

        [1]  The Alliance for Saturation Church Planting
        [2]  Training Centers for Church Planters
        [3]  MissionPerTe

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